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Safety information

  • Medicines Safety Update provides practical information and advice on drug safety and information about emerging safety issues
  • Medical Devices Safety Update (MDSU) provides health professionals with practical information and advice on medical device safety and information about emerging safety issues

No therapeutic product is ever completely risk free. Some risks may be known when a medicine or medical device is first entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). However, some information only comes to light after more people use the products.

This section includes current and historic recalls of medicines and medical devices, advice that the TGA has issued about products, monitoring communications, information on reporting problems and how the safety of therapeutic products are monitored.

Reporting problems


Alerts provide important information and recommendations about therapeutic products. When an alert is issued, it does not necessarily mean a product is considered unsafe.

Product recalls

  • Recalls
    Actions taken to resolve a problem with a therapeutic good already supplied in the market
  • Safe disposal of unwanted medicines
    Unwanted medicines can be returned to local pharmacies involved in the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) project

Prescription opioids

Medicine shortages

Early warning system

The early warning system includes current and historical information on safety concerns for medicines and medical devices that the TGA has identified through its therapeutic product vigilance program.

Black Triangle Scheme

The Black Triangle Scheme provides a simple means for health professionals and patients to identify certain types of new prescription medicines, or those being used in new ways. It also aims to encourage patients and health professionals to report adverse events resulting from their use.

Safety information & education