Community Benefit Programme

Successful applicants for the $2 million Community Benefit Programme have been announced!

Eleven projects in the Hawker and Quorn regions of South Australia will be funded under the Australian Government’s Community Benefit Programme.

The program is part of the process to identify a site for a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility to manage Australia’s low and intermediate level radioactive waste.

The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Senator Matt Canavan, said the funding supports the region around a successfully shortlisted site, acknowledging the community’s contribution to this national project and short-term disruption while detailed technical reviews and community engagement were conducted to determine the site’s suitability.

“The applications covered activities ranging from support for tourism, economic and business development and community improvement in the local region,” Senator Canavan said.

“The projects selected all demonstrate social and economic benefits to the local region around the nominated site on Wallerberdina Station, near Hawker, in South Australia.

“These applications were considered using a merit assessment process and taking into account input from the community.”

The program received 17 applications. The projects selected include support for:

  • the development of an undercover fish and plant growing facility venture near Quorn;
  • a significant refurbishment of the historic Hawker Institute building;
  • installation of two purpose-built aged care independent living units in Hawker, and
  • the installation of disabled amenities at the Hawker racetrack.                                                                                                                           

“Even though the program guidelines did not require matching contributions, the 11 approved projects will receive an additional $391,033 in cash and in-kind contributions creating a total investment of almost $2.4 million,” Senator Canavan said.

A list of successful projects is available here

About the Programme

The Australian Government has committed up to $2 million in 2016–17 for a Community Benefit Programme to support the local region.

The programme acknowledges the community’s contribution to this important task and any short-term disruptions the site assessment for the project might have.

This funding is available to communities where a nominated site for the facility has progressed to the technical assessment stage.

The programme aims to fund local projects that lead to strengthening social and economic outcomes in the community such as, but not limited to:

  • the creation of buildings, facilities or infrastructure
  • the support to improve businesses
  • investment in tourism
  • feasibility studies.

This funding is not tied to the construction of a facility. To be competitive, you must meet certain conditions such as:

  • capacity and capability to carry out the project
  • benefit to the community
  • value for money.

Projects/activities closer to the site will be given greater preference.

Applications from communities surrounding Wallerberdina Station, near Hawker, South Australia

The Community Benefit Programme's first round of nominations for communites near the nominated site at Wallerberdina Station closed on 12 August 2016. While open this round generated considerable interest from community members in the local region with more than 280 interactions taking place by phone, email and face-to-face.

Nearby communities will see projects start to roll out in late 2016 and early 2017. Further amounts of up to $2 million for 2017-18 and 2018-19 may be available if the site nomination remains under consideration or is selected as the final site for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.


Community Benefit Programme Guidelines (PDF 204KB, DOC 142KB)