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Urogynaecological (transvaginal) surgical mesh hub

15 September 2021

This hub provides information and support related to urogynaecological (transvaginal) surgical mesh devices.

Urogynaecological mesh implants have benefited some women in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Other women, however, have experienced very serious complications with these devices.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) cancelled the approval of two specific types of urogynaecological mesh in November 2017:

  • urogynaecological mesh that was inserted through the vagina to treat pelvic organ prolapse
  • single incision mini-slings that were used to treat stress urinary incontinence.

These types of mesh device cannot be supplied in Australia.

The TGA continues to monitor the safety of all urogynaecological mesh implants. Please report any adverse events associated with these devices.

As of 23 June 2021, the TGA had received 899 adverse event reports related to urogynaecological mesh devices.


An introduction to transvaginal mesh and the TGA's decision to cancel the approval of some transvaginal meshes.

Australian Government actions

Information about Australian Government actions related to transvaginal surgical mesh.

How to report problems and side effects related to medical devices

Information on how you can report problems and side effects related to medical devices including transvaginal mesh.

Support services for women affected by urogynaecological mesh

Information for affected women on where to find support services, contact lines and support groups related to transvaginal mesh.

Other resources for consumers

Links to fact sheets, videos and other resources about transvaginal mesh.

Resources for health professionals

Links to fact sheets and other resources about transvaginal mesh.

Senate inquiry and Australian Government response

Information about the Senate inquiry into the ‘Number of women in Australia who have had transvaginal mesh implants and related matters.’

Improving ethics in healthcare delivery

Other information related to improving business ethics in healthcare delivery.