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Advertising therapeutic goods

8 June 2022: The transition period to the 2021 Advertising Code ends on 30 June 2022. For more information see the media release.

The advertising hub brings together guidance and learning resources for advertisers along with updates and information about the regulation of therapeutic goods advertising.

Knowing if the product you’re advertising is regulated as a therapeutic good is critical to understanding your requirements.

In this section we'll help you find out if the product you’re intending to advertise may be a therapeutic good, whether it can be advertised to the public, how the regulations apply to advertising therapeutic goods, what activities are considered advertising and where to get more help if you need it.

This section informs advertisers, including manufacturers, pharmacists and health professionals, of their responsibilities when advertising therapeutic goods.

It covers general requirements, restricted and prohibited representations, required statements and product details, requirements for specific product types, advertising for health services and advertising to health professionals.

This section contains educational materials to help advertisers and consumers understand the legislation relating to advertising therapeutic goods.

These materials include decision trees, case studies, advertising scenarios, examples of non-compliant advertising and training sessions and presentations.

Our role in enforcing the requirements for advertising therapeutic goods in Australia is important to the safety of Australian consumers.

This section explains how to report potentially unlawful advertising, the TGA's enforcement options for taking action to manage non-compliance and outcomes from the actions taken by the TGA against non-compliant advertisers.

In this section you’ll find announcements regarding therapeutic goods advertising and other related activities.

These include advertising compliance annual reports, media releases and web statements.

The TGA regularly reviews the therapeutic goods regulatory framework, including business processes, standards and guidelines.

We do this through engagement with stakeholder groups, industry and public consultations and independent expert panel reviews.

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To make a general enquiry about therapeutic goods advertising, you can:

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