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Health professional educational materials

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These resources add to your existing knowledge of the TGA, as a health professional, and clearly outline what we do and don't regulate, and how you can participate in the regulatory system.

We also have resources for consumers that you can refer your patients/clients to.

For information on our 2018-19 education priorities, please see: Education priorities 2018-19.

The role of the TGA

Who we are and what we do...and don't do...

Safety through reporting

Online learning modules to inform health professionals about what reportable adverse events are and what steps to take to report...

Accessing unapproved products

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) modules on the Special Access Scheme (SAS) and Authorised Prescriber (AP) scheme, including access to medicinal cannabis


These educational materials are provided by the TGA (a part of the Department of Health) solely for the purpose of providing general education on the TGA regulatory scheme. The materials should not be taken to be a detailed description of the scheme, or advice on the application of the therapeutic goods legislation in particular cases. Nor should they be taken to be statements of policy.

People requiring information or advice on the application of the therapeutic goods legislation in particular cases should make their own enquiries.

Whilst due care has been taken in their preparation, the Department of Health cannot guarantee, and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information contained in these materials.