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COVID-19 vaccine advertising and import compliance

8 February 2022

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is responsible for monitoring compliance with rules related to importing and advertising vaccines in Australia.

Importing COVID-19 vaccines

The TGA is working closely with the Australian Border Force (ABF) to detect and intercept any unlawful imports of COVID-19 vaccines. Australian importers who attempt to bring in unapproved vaccines are likely to have their goods seized by the ABF under direction of the TGA and may face further enforcement action by the TGA.

Consumers and health professionals should not buy vaccines online or import vaccines from overseas. Vaccines bought online are likely to be unsafe, ineffective or counterfeit (fake). Scam websites and messages may steal your money or your personal information. Read our information for consumers and health professionals page to learn more about the risks of buying online and how to avoid scams.

Advertising COVID-19 vaccines

The advertising of prescription medicines (including vaccines) to consumers is generally prohibited in Australia. However, the use of specific promotional materials to advertise COVID-19 vaccines has been authorised to support the roll-out of the vaccines across Australia.

The TGA has published guidance to help advertisers comply with the requirements for advertising COVID-19 vaccines to the Australian public, including adding information for healthcare professionals.

Any person, including businesses, advertising therapeutic goods to consumers must comply with the requirements for advertising. The TGA encourages people to report suspected non-compliant advertising via its advertising reporting form.