Community engagement

Community input and feedback will continue to play an important role in assessing a site.

The facility will not be built in a location if the nearby community does not want it.

Project team talks to community

The community will be involved in discussions about:

  • The environment
  • Transport
  • The location of the facility within the nominated property
  • The facility's layout and look
  • Infrastructure upgrades in the surrounding area
  • The economic benefits for the local community and businesses.



Community Consultations

The department has held numerous community consultations and attended local events. The team is available to discuss the project and provide information and assistance regarding the project and the Community Benefit Programme on request. A community liaison officer, permanently based in any area where a site has moved to the technical assessment stage, will also assist with engagement. Please check out our website and Facebook page for updates on upcoming meetings and events.

If you wish to organise a meeting time regarding the nominated site at Wallerberdina Station, near Hawker, South Australia, please visit us at the Old Hawker Council Offices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the Quorn Council Chambers on Thursdays before 3pm.

Project team at town hall meeting